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What’s up guys, not new PB forums (a lot of great content here) but this is my first post. My name is Chris, I currently own a 83’ Avenger DC which just finished a 460 rebuild... Long story short, when buying a boat don’t always assume you’re dipstick is the correct length😤😡 expensive lesson. Dipstick always read full and oil pressure was always good, heard a knock, pulled the motor, drained 2.2quarts of oil.😡 hinesite is 20/20

Anyway, I need some help locating a 18.5ft Avenger Mach 1 windshield boat. These seem to be getting harder and harder to find. So if you’ve spotted one out on a drive, know where one is located, or you or your buddy is looking to sell, please reply to this post. Their have been a few posted on CL recently but with severe stress cracks, badly damaged hulls, and cracked transoms..welcome to old jet boats right...but I’m sure their are some good ones still out left. So here I am, putting the word out there in the community.


Appreciate your time-
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