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New member and was referred by a friend who suggested reaching out to this group for some help. I currently own a 1991 Bahama Industries 22-1/2 foot open bow boat. I am having a very hard time finding out any info on the company and what they were all about. Boat is extremely solid and been an amazing boat but I’d like to know more about the company, why they went out of business, and what their logo looked like. Nothing on my boat aside from the ID on the back says it’s a Bahama Industries boat. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

What I do know:
Company started in 12/12/72
Closed in 03/1980
Opened again in 08/1987 out of LaPalma/Anaheim
Last known owner was Miles Foster with a PO Box in LaQuinta Ca until it closed 1/21/1999

HIN starts with XAA which is Bahama Industries Inc. and titled a 1991.
I have included a pic of my boat for reference.
Hopefully anyone that has info can help shed some light on the company’s history.
Thank You,

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