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Bahner hulls???

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Hi, I have a 1983 18' bahner. I read here that Bahner was ripping people off. So, I would like to hear some facts about the boats he built. I have seen a few, and every one I have seen is loved by the owner. I am happy with mine. I would just like some real info, not some hear say, or speculation.
What ever happened to that guy? Is he still locked up, or is he done with boats? He had to do ssome thing right, my boat was fast for stock. 70mph, stock 460 and stock pump. I can't imagine what its going to do with a healthy 460 and a set up pump.:)devil
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I had a Bahner.
This is complete hearsay and speculation.....................but
He had a powder problem, it got the best of him. He lost Bahner boats and then started up Barreta boats. Lack of sales caused him to shut down that line as well.
I loved my Bahner. Ran 83 mph with a warmed over stock headed 454 and a completely stock pump.
Great beginner boats............:)devil
I had a friend who had a Bahner in 1987. He and I were side by side at 70 mph. we both hit the same roller. his boat disentegrated. I pulled him up onto the deck of my Hawaiian, bleeding all over the place. he went to the hosp and was ok in a few days.
Nice story...Proves without a doubt that Hawaaiians are far better boats than Bahners.
I knew this story was bullshit when you said that you had a Hawaiian that did 70 mph........
Moral of the story....I would take 5 busted up Bahners over a show winning Hawaiian anyday........
Of all The Boats I have owned My Bahner was and still is one of my favs !
Mine too Tom.....

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. And apparently QuickJet was there with him .
Re-read my post. I never said I was there.............But I was;)
Now a Hawaiian doing 70??? Who really cares....its a Hawaiian. And yes, I would still take 5 busted up Bahners over some Hawiian any day of the week.
And Haulinass will be the first to tell you that he is a dickhead asshole. You are just inflating his ego by telling him such things....................:)devil
In other words....who gives a shit????????
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