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Bahner hulls???

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Hi, I have a 1983 18' bahner. I read here that Bahner was ripping people off. So, I would like to hear some facts about the boats he built. I have seen a few, and every one I have seen is loved by the owner. I am happy with mine. I would just like some real info, not some hear say, or speculation.
What ever happened to that guy? Is he still locked up, or is he done with boats? He had to do ssome thing right, my boat was fast for stock. 70mph, stock 460 and stock pump. I can't imagine what its going to do with a healthy 460 and a set up pump.:)devil
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whoa locked up i got to hear this. maybe him and the guy that built the deloreon car shar stories or maybe the same bunk
every person ive seen with them likes them also
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