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Hi everyone! My name is John. I'm a high school auto shop teacher who still likes to make mistakes and learn the hard way! I am more of a modern guy, but my first 4 cars were carbureted, so I have a decent understanding of the older stuff. I joined the site in the hopes of getting some background info, and tap the brains of people who have been there done that!

I have a 1987 Baja Force 235 that has been restored entirely in the 90's, then repowered in 2009, then repowered in 2016, but abandoned. Now,
it's job is to be my headache, and it is exceptional at its' job! It houses a 1984(or 85-86) carbureted 454 7.4 from a Wellcraft that was crushed during a local storm in 2015. I have no clue as to who, how or what, but I have a video of the engine on the dyno, I have pictures and videos of the engine coming out of the original boat, and I have pictures of the block and heads getting installed into my boat before I acquired it. The engine was professionally built retaining flat tappet lifters and cam (possibly upgraded), harland sharp roller rockers, JE pistons, and a Holley 650 sitting on top. In the dyno video, the engine turned 526hp at 4300 rpms... They all celebrated, and went home and drank according to accounts. But by the time the engine got into the boat, mistakes were made, a bolt was lost, then found in cylinder #5, then another teardown, then in 2017, the boat was shrinkwrapped to be ignored for 5 years.

Now I have it. It has the original Rochester carb, original distributor, fancy valve covers, and electric fuel pump/regulator. I got it running, that fun story is for another thread. Im hoping to learn a lot more about the boat, the engine, and the general stuff you guys already know and can teach me!!!!

Thanks for reading my ramble, and thanks for taking the time to say Hi!

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p.s. There is a very funny mistake/story in one of these photos... If you find it first, I'll send you a free snap-on screwdriver!!!
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