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Apple pie, Chevrolet and Sheriff Joe Arpiao! The man is red blooded as any American can be.

So much so Derelict Holder has filed civil rights violation charges while he plays a career ending dance with
Issa over F&F.

"Pro Illegal Immigration Activists" I guess that would be someone who condones breaking the law, Made a movie calling Sheriff Joe a racists...which translates to 'not a racists' to those of use who understand politco-speak.

And the always Un-American George Sorry/Soros has thrown down some pocket change (several million$) as his contribution.
I don't make a habit of making political contributions but in this case i felt the need to contribute some of my own pocket change to Sheriff Joe...Gas for the boat or Sheriff Joe..easy decision to me
It seems The All American Sheriff has rilled up the hornets nest...Nothing on the scale of african killer bees...just some irritating buzzing noises that will all be gone when winter hits.
While i don't know where they all will go........probably south,
i doubt there are many people with .223 flyswatters in need of some cans for target practice down that way. In fact i bet Derelict can collect on some favors he is owed for his contribution to those who actually
control mexico.
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