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Had a set of used BBC Bassett headers at the ceramic coaters for a while, while they were being blasted and coated, I ran across a set of newly chromed (hooker) jet boat headers that i got a good deal on. So I decided to sale a set of the headers. I'm thinking I'm gonna hold on to the hooker headers. I don't see many sets of them floating around these parts, and they set wide on my motor and fill the bay well. 475 OBO + shipping cost.

Not ran since being coated...Just finished "5-10-13" Ceramic coated Bassett headers. """475 OBO + shipping""" Not sure what a set of used yet new ceramic coated headers go for, the ceramic coating cost almost 300 by itself, so if you plan to buy a 175-250 dollar set of headers that need coated, you'd be saving money just buying these. I've seen rusted ones sale for upwards of 250 easy.. No water lines or bungs etc. headers only. Polished Ceramic Is nice I admit, I'm thinking when the chrome hooker headers i have on my boat blue this year, I'm gonna have them coated as well. These Headers are in excellent shape I'd say, very very nice.

Money order is best pay method. Or possibly pay pal


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