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Listing for a friend who is not computer savvy. He has a long list of stuff, I will try and add a few items to the thread every day or so, too many for me to post at one time. Send me PM for his contact number, parts will ship from Las Vegas area. I do have some additional photos of the items but due to the size of the list not going to post all of them, can supply a few additional to serious buyers if necessary.

#14 Race Pak G2X Inspected and tested by RacePak sold pending payment

#15 Moroso 3 qt oil accumulator with mounts. $125

SAM_9377  r.jpg

#16 Enderle 600 fuel pump. Checked and flowed by Spud Miller $400

SAM_9380  r.jpg

#17 Aluminum foot pedal $25

SAM_9383  r.jpg

#18 Lecarra 12.5" steering wheel $100

SAM_9385  r.jpg

#19 1" Aluminum blower top spacer $40

SAM_9388  r.jpg

#20 1" Miersch blower manifold spacer(O-ringed) $50

SAM_9389  r.jpg

#21 4" Black fuel pump extension. $50

SAM_9390  r.jpg

#22 Milodon BBC gear drive Sold

View attachment 986650

#23 Holley "red" fuel pump $60

SAM_9393  r.jpg

#24 Jegs electronic tach memory recall kit $30

SAM_9395  r.jpg

#25 14mm GT 33 tooth blower pulley $50

SAM_9396  r.jpg

#26 Enderle "K" valve with spool $200

SAM_9398  r.jpg

#27 4" Blower snout $150

SAM_9401  r.jpg

#28 Accu-Tech Xtreme tach $250

SAM_9403  r.jpg

#29 Autometer 2" vacuum gauge #4384 $25

SAM_9406  r.jpg

Another group of parts to be added soon!
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