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Been ages since I hung out here regularly , works been nuts, life, you know the deal...

I'm in SoCal right now on my yearly hang gliding trip and was a bit more organized on looking for boats before I came down this year. long story short ive ended up with three LOL I scored a great tunnel in NorCal on th way down which im happy to move if someone's interested. Turn key less bbc, (driveline, motor plates, headers included etc) it has a really bitching pump droop, diverter wedge ss imp etc

The real reason im posting however is the " Barn Finds" I by pure fluke really found two boats with 460's in them and bought both before I left Canada. The one was a SWTD which had been indoors for some 12+ years ! Im kinda beat to type a ton but here's a few pics.....

Does anyone know if Bassett thru transoms will fit in a SWTD? doesn't look like it to me but I could be wrong


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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