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Big Block Spanking Party AKA BBSP

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Also known as BBSP is held at Lake Havasu every April. This was started years ago for fun. It's all about boats and fun. Visit the OB section from now and again and you will find the dates and places. Everyone is welcome. To compete you must drive your boat under it's own power to the party/race site. Come one, come all.:)hand

Now Quickjet shut your fukkin whiney assed pie hole. You have been notified and invited.:)grn:)devil
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You talk way to much shit QJ. Why you always pickin fights.
What's with all the Hostility Gus? It's almost summer relax.
Hopefully your in a better mood by this weekend.
I think Denny is going, but I'm still up in the air.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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