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While giving a family from Georgia a demo ride last Friday on one of our boats, we ended up going around the little island just north of Copper Canyon. Someone in the family asked me to stop about half way around the island and then pointed out a young male donkey standing by some bushes right next to the lake. Then they explained that it had been there
for 3 days. We slowly approached in the boat and I almost nudged him with the front sponson before he would move but sure enough he was alive and appears to be happy.
The little area where he stood was about 15 feet long and it was clear that there was only one way out of there and it would require a bit of effort which is something that he clearly

I went back Saturday and again Sunday to find him still standing in the same spot. On Sunday he was actually sound asleep standing on his feet. Later Sunday afternoon I watched a lady swim over to the donkey, get out and pet him and then start pulling on his tail and nudging him with a stick etc but he would not leave his little beach. When we left,
we saw a couple of volunteers from Mohave County Sheriffs dept and asked them if they
would contact the proper people to help the donkey get out of there. These 2 old guys
(very elderly and friendly) kept insisting that the donkey had a baby in the bushes and
ws guarding it. I kept pointing out the male hardware that the donkey had on display but the old guys told us to leave it alone.

Sunday night I phoned Mike Fasari who is a deputy with the San Bernardino Sheriffs office and is usually the one driving the real cool Conquest deckboat that says Sheriff all over it. He immediately got a couple of his guys to go over there, along with MCSO guys and BLM guys and 4 boaters who happened to be close by. I guess they approached it, and simply picked it up and carried it up the hill and set him free. He was not stuck there but he
thought that he was.

Thanks Mike and all your guys that helped save the donkey!

Keith Sayre
Nordic Boats

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How'd he do on the FST?:p:D

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"What an Ass"

...and no pictures of said ass?

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