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Hemi Oil Water Fillers, display rods and pistons

Blower Restraint: Sold

Have a pair of o-ringed water/oil fillers. I had these on a set of Donovans.

I have three BRC rods/Arias pistons that would look good in a shop or desk top, thought these might make for some trade fodder.

Will sell or trade. I have no idea if there's value in these or not, so I honestly can't price them.

I'm working on a project BBC jet that needs alot of junk so trading would work good, cash works too. Willing to trade up, down, sideways and I'm not looking for new showroom trade pieces, used works just fine for me.

Looking for:

Silicone heater hose (prefer black)
Electric fuel pump (for draining tanks/oil)
Header stud/bolt kit for logs
Log gaskets (oval port)
Ford starter solenoid
Starter switch
Plastic battery hold down with top
Valve covers and hold downs (or bolts)
Carb adapter (Holley carb to Q-jet manifold)
Fuel/Water separator filter
Exhaust tubing
In line fuel filter
750 Holley
Wiring Harness
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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