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  • Boom Boom Boom and Boating06/15/2015

    Summer glorious summer! I can say that because working in the school system this is the reward for many days of working hard to give our students everything they need and now…rest and renewing. Make no mistake by the time August rolls around I’ll be excited to buy pencils and set up the classroom but now it’s time for home projects, loving on my family and boating.

    A couple of times we’ve spent our Fourth of July on the water watching the fireworks from the boat it’s magical. Last year we went to the Eustis fireworks and were really close to shore and it was breathtaking. We took some awesome pictures and our kids loved it. The hubby is feverishly working on putting our boat back together so maybe we will get the chance to do it again we’re hoping to check it out in Clermont this year.

    There are some things to know if you’re planning to watch the fireworks via a boat float so I’ve prepared a little list:

    1> Get to the lake early because they’ll be tons of boaters and little parking.

    2> Pack the cooler full with drinks and bring the snacks it’s a long day especially with kids.

    3> Plenty of sunblock when you’re out hours the sun is brutal.

    4> BUG SPRAY good heavens the bugs after dark especially at the ramp waiting to get out.

    5> A flash light to use at the ramp to see the dock or hitch up many ramps are not so well lit.

    6> A lantern to have in the center of the boat to be seen. Last year there were a hundred plus boats all floating around and when the fireworks were over it was pitch dark on the lake and everyone was heading in different directions! The lantern was a way for other boaters to see us so we would not be hit it was crazy!

    7> Life jackets for everyone I know adults don’t always wear them but in the dark on a crowded lake you need to float in case of a mishap.

    8> GPS to get you back in the dark.

    9> A sober driver to keep everyone safe and your boat in one piece.

    Your most needed item is patience. It took us an hour and a half to get out at the ramp for two reasons. First, it’s very crowded and everyone’s tired from a long day and a lot of people jam up the ramp trying to get out first which really only makes it worse. Second, ALCOHOL. Holy Cow if we had filmed it we would have been YouTube stars sadly enough. Folks who spent way too much time drinking and could not get their boats out some needing a dozen attempts before they could get it on the trailer, hitting the cement ramp with their boats missing the trailers, pontoon boats loaded with fifteen people and couldn’t get the boat up the ramp because it was too heavy. I could go on but I won’t. We hung back mostly because I didn’t want to drive the roads with drunk drivers pulling boats.

    We would never do Eustis up so close to the shore so far from the ramp again. The show was beautiful but the ride back in the dark with all those boats no thanks. That being said I would do it on a smaller lake so I could see the shore and get back with a shorter distance to the ramp. We’ve done Lake Eustis closer to the ramp in years past and Lake Harris over at Venetian Gardens with none of the mishaps we experienced last year.

    I’ve prepared a list of some fireworks displays if you want to give it a go.

    Clermont-July 4th at Waterfront Park events 6-10 p.m. (Lake Minneola)

    Mount Dora-July 3rd Freedom on the Waterfront 5-9:30 p.m. (Lake Dora)

    Tavares-July 4th Tavares waterfront 3-9:30 p.m. (Lake Dora)

    Leesburg-July 4th Venetian Gardens 1-8 p.m. (Big Lake Harris)

    Sanford-July 4th Waterfront Starts 5 p.m. (Lake Monroe)

    Cocoa-July 2nd Fireworks over the Harbor 8-10 p.m.

    July 3rd Fireworks over the ocean (Port Canaveral)

    July 4th Fireworks over the Indian River (River front park)

    We hope you have wonderful Fourth of July and make plans to spend your next adventure in boating on the water watching the fireworks.​

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