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Heres my story........ So a few years back I bought a unmolested Miller 21ft minidaycruiser with Berk pump (jc-a) Got almost all the original paperwork down to the build sheet for options and all.
Still had original Hardin Marine 454 in it. Anyways I did some minor upgrades like aluminum intake, new dizzy, hydraulic diverter......... Boat gps close to 65 @ 4700 fully loaded with family crap and full tanks....
Never knew the history of the 454 as far as rebuilds go but I knew it was due for a rebuild. Low compression but even across.... When I changed intake it had 2 bent pushrods. Weak springs too. Anyways I knew the day was coming and I tried to squeak out another year which ended up biting me in the end.... I ended up spinning a rod bearing.
Anyways so now I am the point where I dont have the funds for a rebuild right now and the boats gonna have to sit this summer.(kids are bummed)
So this is what I have to work with right now..... 79 2bolt block stock bore.(I guess it never had been rebuilt, go figure), cast crank that looks like a 10 grind will clean up the spun bearing issue if I should use it.
Im running an engine cover so the tallest intake I could use was a mid rise dual plane edelbrock with a holley 850 double pumper. Im also running the old Hardin logs with snails. I have 049 heads that look to be rebuildable.

So I am hoping I can get some advise on what way I should go with my build. I run on a huge lake that can burn a tank pretty quickly so mileage is a factor. I pull the kids around alot too at times so Im not just looking to go fast. Having said that, I do want to pick up the top speed... Maybe get it into the low 70s would be cool. When I toss all the crap out of the boat and run just a tank and hit some mild chop the miller gives me a hint of a new feel to it that is pretty friggin fun..... Getting its ass out of the water is key..

So. here are my thoughts. Im interested in your alls input on it.... Basically go for a 496 build using my block. Buy a rotating assembly. Use my 049s but port them. Keep my intake/carb/exhaust. Also if budget allows go full roller too.

If this sounds good. Im interested in what cam, rotating assembly, etc to get. Thanks ahead of time.

Or Seth, either one
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If you haven't already, do a search or look through the last few months of threads. There is a wealth of information and a bunch of good threads specifically about what you're asking.

You spent a good amount of time writing your post. Your detail is appreciated.

Specific questions get a more responses.

Good luck with your build!


PS- My 2¢... Just spend a few bucks at the junkyard and enjoy your summer.
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