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My pops and i finally saved up the money and are designing and building our first boat.

We are looking at Shockwave Custom Boats - Performance Boats | Ski Boats | Boat | Boats for Sale | Used Boats most likely the 25' tremor. We owned a boat in my youth so we arent complete noobs but we have been out of the game awhile. We have rented a few boats in havasu with the family to make sure everyone loved it and are now ready to order.

We know the owner Bob personally and have read numerous reviews on the company and seen many awesome shockwaves out on the water. What should we make sure of when we design this? What pitfalls are there. Where did you screw up and wish you would have done different? What are MUST haves? Looking for any guidance you guys can provide.

Also willing to look at different companies in the same 25' range with a budget of 65-80k. Thanks for all the help boys
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