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Just had this sent to me by a friend....Looks like ole Jerry is up to his tricks again, probably realized that soon there might just be a armed uprising in Cali.


This year the California Legislature passed the most restrictive
collection of anti-gun laws in decades

last chance to stop these laws before having to spend millions to fight them in
court for years is for Governor Brown to veto them. Governor Brown needs to be
reminded that he has millions of constituents that are law-abiding gun owners,
sportsmen and Second Amendment supporters and that Californians do not support
outrageous anti-gun and anti-hunting legislation, like those in New York, New
Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut or worse.

we do not stop these bills NOW our children will never know the fundamental
rights of self defense, hunting, self reliance and private ownership of firearms
nor the freedoms this Country was founded on.

Below are the
anti-gun/anti-hunting bills you need to call, fax AND e-mail and urge Governor
Brown to VETO.

Governor Brown
can be reached at:

Phone: (916)

Fax: (916)

Email web form:

SB374 - Bans the future sale or transfer of
and classifies ALL semi-automatic firearms with a detachable magazine or holding
more than ten rounds of ammunition as "assault weapons." Continued legal
possession requires that you REGISTER and pay a FEE (TAX) on ALL your semi-autos
newly classified as “assault weapons.”

AB711 - Makes California the first state to
prohibit the use of
all lead
ammunition for hunting.

AB48 - Bans the sale of parts and repair kits
capable of creating or converting a magazine to a capacity to hold greater than
ten rounds.

AB169 - Limits the sale/transfer of all
lawfully firearms that were never, or are no longer, on the California roster of
approved handguns to two a year and redefines the technical provisions of single
shot pistols.

AB231 - Expands the laws relating to firearms

SB299 - Makes it a crime if a person does not
report a lost/stolen firearm within 7 days.

SB475 - Would effectively ban the gun shows at
the Cow Palace by requiring the approval of San Francisco and San Mateo

AB180 - Repeals state firearms preemption by
allowing the City of Oakland to enact gun ordinances that are more restrictive
than state laws concerning the registration or licensing of firearms.

SB567 - Redefines shotguns to include any long
gun with a rifled bore or a smooth bore, regardless of whether it is designed to
be fired from the shoulder and bans the sale of shotguns with the revised
definitions that have a revolving cylinder, and requires registration of these
currently owned shotguns.

SB683 - Expands California’s Handgun Safety
Certificate requirement to apply to all firearms, and prohibits anyone from
purchasing or transferring any firearm without a firearm safety

SB755 - Expands the list of persons prohibited
from owning a firearm, including persons who have operated cars and boats while
they are impaired commonly referred to as DUI.


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The people's republic of Kalifornia. Is it any wonder our resident liberals only poke their shamed faces in here from time to time but refuse to post, unless they think they can get their digs in? Their party is a complete disaster and their pride prevents them from finally standing up and admitting it.

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What a fuckin asshole! None of those lines allow you to submit a comment phone-busy, email-can't accept message fuck Jerry and fuck CA. Don't pay tax until these representatives will follow the will of the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!People it's time to stop this bullshit!!!!!!!!!!
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