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Sometimes on this board folks talk sometime only about bad things .... So, I'd like to throw
out some prop's where well deserved...

We went to Chabones on Friday with a group on 8 or 10.... the service was outstanding and food was good.

We had a bunch of buzzed & picky orange county eaters with us and The Chabone's
Servers and kitchen support staff had EVERY opportunity to mess it all up and DID NOT. i had The kansas city cut ( bone in NY Steak )- Rare and requested taht it be sliced in kitchen... came out perfect, presentation was great !

The food came out as ordered all in unison and servers even had drinks coming constantly..... All was great.

*** Thank you Chabones and see you next time !!


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You are absolutely right, things do get a bit negative around here... but lately I have been feeling some heat for saying anything that is good, truth hurts - good or bad...

Anyway, I really like chabones! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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