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Im going to be putting in a new comp cam #34-236-4 or a 34-245-5 in my 460 and was wondering if running two holley 450cfm on my wieand tunnel ram will give it enought fuel????
To answer your question: the tunnel ram can be dialed in with the tiny carbs, technically speaking. I would prefer a larger pair of carbs.

If this is a bone stock D3VE-headed engine, then the smaller of the two camshafts is more appropriate for a 460 in a jet boat with an A impeller. Even in such a case, valve springs matched to the cam is paramount and also watch retainer-to-guide clearance (although the proper valve springs are supposed to be installed at 1.90" instead of the OEM 1.82", so you should be okay). Hardened pushrods are adviseable.

Lastly, for such a build I would recommend the following CompCams grind over the one you are considering: 34-246-4 (276AH-10) -- .547/.547, 228/[email protected] 0.050", 110* LSA. Easier on the OEM valve train and more suitable cylinder filling and valve timing events for the application. Use the CompCams 924-16 springs with this profile.

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