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Going a different route and don't need this at the moment. All parts are new and never ran. I can professionally assemble at Hondo Boats if wanted for extra $$$ or leave as is. All parts have been clearanced and fitted together.

Assembly was balanced on Hines computer balancer with balance card.

1. Chevy 454 2-bolt block converted to 4-bolt using billet caps,
ARP main studs,ARP head studs, line bored, decked, fresh .060 bore,,checked for core shift etc. All machine work done by Walt [email protected] Performance Machine

2. Eagle 4340 Forged 4.250 crank

3. Eagle H-Beam Rods 6.385 with ARP L19 and 8740 bolts. L19's still in sealed bag.

4. SRP forged pistons. Mild dome 10.2 comp. with 119cc heads
(includes JE wrist pins,spiro locks etc.)

5. Perfect Circle Plasma Moly rings

6. Fidanza 168 tooth SFI flexplate

7. Professional Products balancer

$3000 picked up in Central Cal.


All below are brand new

Weiand Team G intake big oval. New in box with dominator top $170

MSD Digital 6Plus Ignition box $250

MSD Digital Window switch (the nice one)$90

Crane Cams Digital Distributor (like MSD E-Curve) $225

Chevy 049 heads. Had these sold a few times on here but no $$$ came thru. Awesome port with on intake, exshast blended smoothed bowls, outside castings smoothed. Fresh from machine shop with new 3 angle valve seats,bronze guides, ready to assemble. I do have Ferrea valves if wanted. These are as nice as 049 heads can get
$350 or $400 with Manley Pro Series Studs and Comp Cams guideplates.

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Didn't do so good huh...... Maybe you can sell seperate ?

I would love to buy it , but i dont have that kind of scratch all at once..

Good luck with it :)devil
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