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I have a complete top end assembly for sale, and I do mean complete. 100% ready to bolt on and run. All parts are new. Pushrod lengths based on your existing block...I'll need to know your block deck height. Heads and cam based on your engine combination and application. Price includes flow bench time and custom cam grind.
This is not a "budget" kit. This is 100% quality, professionally assembled, pre-fit, matched, custom designed to spec top end assembly. I will mock up everything on a block and check fit, check rocker geometry, determin pushrod length, etc.

If you're building a new engine and have a bottom end, this is a one stop deal to complete the top end. Hyd roller or solid, mild to wild...whatever your goal, it can be met with 100% satisfaction. If you're upgrading an existing engine, same thing.

Here's the package:

Heads...Canfield 310, complete, assembled (solid roller springs add 150.00)
Intake...Edelbrock Vic Jr
Carb...AED HO series 850 DP
Cam...Straub cusom hyd or solid roller
Lifters...Morel hyd or solid roller (hyd roller 130.00 extra)
Rockers...Scorpion or Harland Sharp aluminum roller
Pushrods...Smith Brothers
Head Gaskets...Cometic
Head bolts...ARP (studs additional 50.00)
Intake gaskets...Felpro
Intake bolts...ARP stainless

Carb gsket, studs, and sealant included.


PM or call Scott 805 350 1159
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