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He's All Yours.

This dude talks about and has opinions of everything from his issues with former fellow cops to politics, movies, TV, favorite actors and actresses. Names his favorite women including porn star names, talks about gun control and is greatly in favor of it. Loves CNN, Obama, Michelle, Dianne Feinstein and Ellen Degenres. All kinds o shit.....

No more Virginia
Tech, Columbine HS, Wisconsin temple, Aurora theatre, Portland malls, Tucson rally, Newtown Sandy
Hook. Whether by executive order or thru a bi-partisan congress an assault weapons ban needs to be reinstituted. Period!!!
Mia Farrow said it best. "Gun control is no longer debatable, it's not a conversation, its a moral
Sen. Feinstein, you are doing the right thing in leading the re-institution of a national AWB. Never again
should any public official state that their prayers and thoughts are with the family. That has become
cliche' and meaningless. Its time for action. Let this be your legacy that you bestow to America. Do not
be swayed by obstacles, antagaonist, and naysayers. Remember the innocent children at Austin, Kent,
Stockton, Fullerton, San Diego, Iowa City, Jonesboro, Columbine, Nickel Mines, Blacksburg, Springfield,
Red Lake, Chardon, Aurora, and Newtown. Make sure this never happens again!!!
In my cache you will find several small arms. In the cache, Bushmaster firearms, Remington precision
rifles, and AAC Suppressors (silencers). All of these small arms are manufactured by Cerberus/Freedom
Group. The same company responsible for the Portland mall shooting, Webster , NY, and Sandy Hook
You disrespect the office of the POTUS/Presidency and Commander in Chief. You call him Kenyan,
mongroid, halfrican, muslim, and FBHO when in essence you are to address him as simply, President.
The same as you did to President George W. Bush and all those in the highest ranking position of our
land before him. Just as I always have. You question his birth certificate, his educational and professional
accomplishments, and his judeo-christian beliefs. You make disparaging remarks about his dead parents.
You never questioned the fact that his former opponent, the honorable Senator John McCain, was not
born in the CONUS or that Bush had a C average in his undergrad. Electoral Candidates children
(Romney) state they want to punch the president in the face during debates with no formal
repercussions. No one even questioned the fact that the son just made a criminal threat toward the
President. You call his wife a Wookie. Off the record, I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama. A woman
whose professional and educational accomplishments are second to none when compared to recent
First wives. You call his supporters, whether black, brown, yellow, or white, leeches, FSA, welfare
recipients, and ni$&er lovers. You say this openly without any discretion. Before you start with your
argument that you believe I would vote for Obama because he has the same skin color as me,
fuck you. I didn't vote in this last election as my choice of candidate, John Huntsman, didn't win the
primary candidacy for his party. Mr. President, I haven't agreed with all of your decisions but of course I
haven't agreed with all of your predecessors decisions. I think you've done a hell of a job with what you
have been dealt and how you have managed it. I shed a tear the night you were initially elected
President in 2008. I never thought that day would occur. A black man elected president in the U.S. in my
lifetime. I cracked a smiled when you were re-elected in 2012 because I really didn't think you were

Mr. vice President, do your due diligence when formulating a concise and permanent national AWB
plan. Future generations of Americans depend on your plan and advisement to the president. I've
always been a fan of yours and consider you one ofthefew genuine and charismatic politicians. Damn,
sounds like an oxymoron calling you an honest politician. lt'sthe truth.

Hillary clinton. Vcu'|| make one hell of a president in 2016. ivluch like your husband, Bill, you will be one
of the grealeslr Look at Castro in San Antonio as a running mate or possible secretary of state. He's

good people) and I have faith and confidence in him. Look after Bill. He was always my favorite
President. Chelsea grew up to be one hell of an attractive woman. No disrespect to her husband.
Gov. Chris Christie. What can I say? You're the only person I would like to see in the White House in
2016 other than Hillary. You're America's no shit taking uncle. Do one thing for your wife, kids, and
supporters. Start walking at night and eat a little less, not a lot less, just a little. We want to see you
around for a long time. Your leadership is greatly needed.
Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, you're a vile and inhumane piece of shit. You never even showed
30 seconds of empathy for the children, teachers, and families of Sandy Hook. You deflected any type of
blame/responsibility and directed it toward the influence of movies and the media. You are a failure of
a human being. May all of your immediate and distant family die horrific deaths in front of you.
Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith
Viera, Tavis Smiley, and Anderson Cooper, keep up the great work and follow Cronkite's lead. I hold
many of you in the same regard as Tom Brokaw and the late Peter Jennings. Cooper, stop nagging and
berating your guest, they're your (guest). Mr. Scarborough, we met at McGuire's pub in P-cola in 2002
when I was stationed there. It was an honor conversing with you about politics, family, and life.
Willie Geist, you're a talented and charismatic journalist. Stop with all the talk show shenanigans and get
back to your core of reporting. Your future is brighter than most.
Revoke the citizenship of Fareed Zakaria and deport him. I've never heard a positive word about
America or its interest from his mouth, ever. On the same day, give Piers Morgan an indefinite resident
alien and Visa card. Mr. Morgan, the problem that many American gun owners have with you and your
continuous discussion of gun control is that you are not an American citizen and have an accent that is
distinct and clarifies that you are a foreigner. I want you to know that I agree with you 100% on enacting
stricter firearm laws but you must understand that your critics will always have in the back of their mind
that you are native to a country that we won our sovereignty from while using firearms as a last resort in
defense and you come from a country that has no legal private ownership of firearms. That is
disheartening to American gun owners and rightfully so.
The honorable President George H.W. Bush, they never give you enough credit for your successful
Presidency. You were always one of my favorite Presidents (2nd favorite). I hope your health improves
greatly. You are the epitome of an American and service to country.
General Petraeus, you made a mistake that the majority of men make once, twice, or unfortunately
many times in a lifetime. You are human. You thought with your penis. It's okay.I personally believe you
should have never resigned and told your critics to shove it. You only answer to two people regarding
the affair, your wife and children, period. I hope you return to government service to your country as it
is visibly in your DNA.
General Colin Powell, your book "My American Journey" solidified my decision to join the military after
college. I had always intended to serve, but your book and journey motivated me. You are an inspiration
to all Americans and influenced me greatly.
To all SEA's (senior enlisted advisers), you are just as important if not a greater viability to large and
small commands. It's time you take a more active role in leading your enlisted and advising officers.
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