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Carb issue solved - C&J Engineering

September 17, 2015

Hello People

Another master piece from C & J Engineering.

My 1998 Howard 19 footer has been grounded for several years. I decided to run the engine to circulate the oil and heat it up to dry out the moisture, to my surprise, there was more stuff than I could get out with one flushing of the fuel system.

I sent my carbs to John and he worked his magic to solve my carb issues.
I am sure that there are people who would say how come I didn’t restore them myself? :)Unsure

The carbs have been flowed to my engine specs and it’s just simpler to have the pro do it, he has all those parts that needed replacing at his finger tips and the history of what he did to the to make them work flawlessly every acceleration and cruising part throttle.



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Hello Willis.

They haven't helped me yet. I am allergic to CRAB, and CRABS, so I avoid it. However, I'm sure if I ever made a mistake and went into anaphylactic shock after ingesting some possibly they COULD help me if they were medically trained I guess??

Thanks for asking. :grin:

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