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Quick run down. Had all the bulkheads replaced not to long ago and flow coated black. The flow coat was brushed on with runs/drips everywhere and looked like crap. After reading numerous threads about spraying on gelcoat, I decided to try it myself and chose a different color this time. I used 80 grit sand paper to rough up the existing flowcoat and to smooth out all the runs & drips.
After spraying the gelcoat I noticed a bunch of these hair line cracks on all the bulkheads that were replaced and further inspection of this showed me that these cracks are in the wood itself.
So how do I go about getting a nice smooth surface? What fillers to use? And how far down do I need to sand to use fillers, all the way to the wood or can I just rough it up and go from there?
Below is a pic of the these cracks and also included what gelcoat Im working with.
Wall Tile Ceiling Room Material property
Product Cylinder Material property Tin Label
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