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I don't think I have ever seen anything like it on TV.
MSNBC - Lawrence O'Donnell wanting to fight Taggart Romney.
Apparently Taggart went on a radio talk show and when asked what he was thinking when Obama called his dad a lier. He said that you want to run down there and punch him but bla bla bla you cant do that and that just part of the process that you have to live with.
Old Lawrence says that the Pres didn't call Mitt a lier. He did. And he has for a over a year. If you want to hit some one (as dramatically stands up in the camera), I'm calling your dad a lier... and a basically a coward and your name sucks and anything else he could get out of his mouth. etc, etc.
I figure there are just begging for one of the kids to step out of line or anything the can down to a sound bite. MSNBC is scared. Very scared.
We should start a poll on what will happen if Romney wins.
Will Chris Mathews exploded?
Will Madcow go straight.
At the very least you would think if there is a chance that Romney will win that MSNBC would try to mend some fences cause if he does win they will be shut out of everything all together.

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MSNBC is as valuable to reporting as ram is to this forum. hil:)

When was the last valued remarks from either?
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