We have developed the Dinghy Rings Flex Model for people who cannot compromise on quality, functionality, and aesthetics. You can utilize the Flex Dinghy Rings to manage an inflatable dinghy by hanging it to the boat’s transom, bow, or side for convenient traveling. You can enjoy the easy rotation by actual flexibility since it is adjustable according to your boat preferences. We have made the Flex Dinghy Ring suitable by its fast installation bearing up to 50 kilos and 2.8 meters in length.

Ever wondered about dinghies being helpful for boats without a swim platform? Well, Flex Dingy Rings can work without a swim platform. They have installed an adjustable height feature through which these rings fit almost any boat. It would facilitate easy installation with the backup support of EVA-foam spacers that protect the transom, giving it freedom of movement. We have designed our dinghy ring flex with UV-resistant and get made with stainless steel quality pipes and polyester straps with a marine-grade buckle that will keep you safe throughout the sailing. If you want to transform how your sailing experiences feel, think of this as an investment in your boat.