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doing a project boat for the 2nd time as thswas my future goals in future

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going to do my 2nd boat as a new project as thiswas really my first ever boat im going toget really cheap as you knew thiswas really being good for me as i liked gettin a nice boat and restoring it as im gonna really take a bit of time to restore the boat as these was my goals now as im gonna have a fair bit of my time finding the right boat as im not gonna ever dare rush thing in now as im gonna really to do take my time as im have my ousing sorted for the next few months as for the boat was really gotten to really have to wait as i knew thiswas really biding my time as thiswas a Haines hunter V17 boat as thiswas really my first ever Haines hunter boat as thiswas really be my 2nd boat as well my 1st full project as im gonna really redo the entire boat say redo the floors and transom as these was done i can focus in getting a new outboard for the boat in future say a Suzuki 150hp 4 stroke outboard as if needed was a new trailer as thiswas really my very 1st ever Haines hunter boat as im really am looking for the right boat as of now as im getting my home sorted now thiswas my new housing but thiswas a side matter for now im gotten a hope i get my good boat in future thiswas the Haines hunter V17 runabout boat thiswas really the boat im gonna really be restoring in future thiswas my goals now and in future thiswas really the case in future as you see thiswas really getting there now in future in my goals of getting my very 1st ever Haines hunter boat thats ws the classic V17 runabout boats thiswas really my good vision of my goals now as i knew thiswas really good project for me now in future
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