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Eastern Divisionals Results

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Does anyone have the results from Hampton VA? I would have liked to have gone but National Guard gobbles up a weekend every month. I get a few looks at some of the heats from Long Beach in the afternoon. Those tight turns are different, like racing in a canal.
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Thanks Tim.How many boats in each class?
Do you know any of the other placing boats? 2nd 3rd etc? Who was running good and broke or whatever?

The turnout was not as good as the week before. We got there Friday evening and it did nothing but pour till late afternoon Saturday. The weather forecast for Sunday was even worse. It cleared a bit late Saturday afternoon and they decided there was enough time to get at least one heat of every class in, in case Sunday was rained out. They did get that done. Sunday turned out to be a great day for racing and the water was near perfect. Don't know if it was the rain/bad luck or what, but s--t happened in the flatbottom heats. Pete Hckett lost a engine, Paul Fitzgerald had some sort of gremlins Robert Conway/Jim Clauss spun a prop off in the SE gremlins in the K. Jody clauss electriclal problems. Dale Jr. fuel and on and on. Because the divisionals were run in two days this is my best guess as to finish. On a better note 2 more heats were run for Sundays race and John Brinton Jr. got his first win. Great Job.
2 Reagan/Dale Jr.
3 John Brinton
4 Clauss/Conway
1- Parks
2- Paul Reid ??
3- Dale Jr.
4- Smith/Fitzgerald
1-Parks/Joel Jones
2-Jeff Clauss
3 - John Britton Jr.
4 ?? maybe Jody Clauss

It just seemed like so many boats did not finish one heat or another

Thanks for posting?:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp
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