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Exhaust logs leaking ?

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I have Glenwood wet logs and in the past the motor did get hot and like a dumbass I ran it after like 5-10 minutes and cold water went through them last year and this year I noticed the passenger side seemed to be weeping something from the outside that looks like hard water deposits and it only happens after the outside temp got down to freezing at night , i have the motor covered with moving blankets and a boat tarp and it only happens from 1 side so I’m wondering if water is seeping through them and it leaves water deposits? I have cleaned them and watched and it does it in different spots but only after it freezes , I have not tried running them this year so I don’t know if they leak water or not my real concern is if they leak on the inside any thoughts appreciated thanks.


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Not a stupid question, seeking knowledge is never in vain. The two main ways of testing are water or air. To test on the engine pressurize the log with air and a gage to record. pressurize to maybe 10 to 15 pounds. Best case pressure remains same and no leaks. If pressure goes down, check the outside of the log with dishwashing soap looking for bubbles. If no bubbles you may have an interior leak. If interior leak using air you will not of possibly introduced water to the heads. At that point you would have to remove the log and test the same for interior. In the event you cannot find the leak, with air, remove the log and fill the log with water and pressurize again with water or air pressure. When doing the testing do not undo any fittings to check entire log.
Good hunting, Keep us posted.
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