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-F2 Procharger, recently freshened by Procharger, 2 trips to the dragstrip since freshen-up, brackets for big block Chevy.

-5 cog pulleys, 73 & 77 tooth lower (crank) pulleys, 50, 56, & 58 tooth upper (head unit) pulleys.

-Procharger race bypass valve w/tubing & couplers between head unit & carb bonnet.

-Brand new Steve Morris/Extreme Velocity Pro Series 4500 carb bonnet, never been bolted on.

-Brand new C&S blow-through Holley Dominator w/dual needle & seat bowls, boost referenced power valves, tune-ups for pump gas and C-16, capable of supporting over 2,000 horsepower, never been bolted on or had fuel in it.

-Brand new Steve Morris Racing Engines custom ground solid roller camshaft, standard firing order, standard BBC cam journals, Steve Morris part # S43829, 270/280 duration @ .050", .4176" lobe lift, 114 lobe separation, 112 intake centerline, .028"/.030" valve lash, originally ground for 509 BBC using above parts, and will also work with above parts in any BBC from 496 to 572 cubic inches, designed to support 1,200-1,600+ h.p. depending on fuel & tune-up, never been installed.

-Brand new set of ( CP pistons for above combination, 509 BBC, 4.500" x 4.000" stroke w/6.385" rod & standard deck height block (1.265" compression height), includes heavy duty chromemoly wrist pins, designed to withstand 1,600+ h.p., new in the box.

$5,500.00 OBO for everything, price slightly negotiable, PLEASE CONTACT RYAN IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS @ 623-694-8917, OR E-MAIL AT [email protected]. THANK YOU!!

PS I have pictures of the cam, carb, bonnet, & supercharger if needed.


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