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Father Son Patterson Boat Ride

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For those of you not on Facebook... I've been wanting to take my 81 year old dad on this boat ride for years, ever since Larry Lauterbach restored our 1968 Pattersom K-81 Sunburst for my wife and I in 2010. Unfortunately life has been in the way until last Friday when my dad and I got the opportunity to go out for a 'Father Son' ride on Flathead Lake Montana in the boat he made famous and had so much success in. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in many years and look forward to the next ride with my dad! Thanks to my wife Karen and everyone who has helped me to make this goal a reality. Most notably the crew at Tony Applegate's shop and Jeremy Blake for ensuring a few issues didn't get in the way not allowing the 'Ride' to happen...

I made this video for my dad, enjoy!

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