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Fedor not going to ufc

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i didnt see any other post on this but fedor emelianenko passed up a deal with the ufc this week.. :)st

anybody else see this? thoughts??

i would LOVE to see him knock out dumbass brock myself..
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That really sucks, he was my last real hope to beat the shit out of the POS Lesnar. Now who can get the job done? No one I can see.
whoever wins the cain velasquez vs shane carwin fight are next at bat. either one would be his greatest test yet.
The deal still might come back around if the UFC sweetens the pot.
only if the ufc will co-promote with his management M-1 global which will never happen.. sucks id love to see fedor taking care of buisness in the ufc
So fedor signs with strikeforce.. co promotion with M-1..
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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