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glass on passenger side between motor and gas tank keeps cracking up just below surface of glass. ive had it redone twice after second time i put a bulkhead in front of motor across whole boat, no more cracking on driver side but pass side still shity. do i need to reinforce transom and grind pass side down and reglass, and maybe a short bulk in center of motor up and over gas tank. i got pics if that will help. or do i just need to quit driving like an ass.
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Wow.. you already posted this exact same question.. someone responded asking you for more details.. Instead of answering his question you just repost it in a new thread??
What type of boat is it? I have heard the 18 southwind had issues with that in the same area with the strakes cracking out. Pix would help for sure. DId a reputable shop do the repair or was it done with bondo or sea going epoxy in a TJ body shop? There are many of these hulls that have ben repaired successfully. You just need the right person to repair the hull.

sorry about double post, my computer is a pile. '79 Brendella, 18' 460 Ford, with 4 point mounts. Good shop and proper glass and matting was used. Wood Metal

Light Automotive lighting Metal

Tire Automotive tire Rim

Pipe Product Steel casing pipe Metal Cylinder

yes full length stringers, but they are only like maybe 1 1/2 thick
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It looks to me like the repair was not ground down enough or at all. It may be the strake tearing loose as well.

u know of any good shops in socal LA area
ISLANDER MARINE did me well, but Rich isnt the owner anymore but the same shop guys, they are in ontario

TRG fiberglass also does awesome work and he is in so cal. hes here on the boards, might pipe in
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