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A very basic run around truck. I'd let any one of my daughters drive this accross the country.....

with that said:
128,xxx on the clock.
4.2l v6, automatic
power steering
power brakes
White Ext, gray interior
new front tires, 80% rears. E ply.
recent service work as preventative:
water pump
all 3 idler pulleys including tensioner.
new serp belt.
upper and lower hoses.
tune up: plugs, wires, cam sychronizer.
brakes all recent at 8k ago. front wheel bearings serviced.
truck runs smooth, and has quite a bit of power for the V6.
I can text pics of it anytime.

--blue book seems pretty high 1t $3,950 clean retail. Clean trade is 2,200.

I'm in the middle at $2,800.

Not looking for trades.

This is a perfect truck for your son or daughter, going to home depot, hauling whatever, or not worrying about parking it anywhere. it's bone stock.
[email protected]
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