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FORD FE engine parts, Edelbock heads, and marine assessories

Ford FE parts and marine accessories including Edelbrock aluminum heads

Go to for images and pricing of these items

Edebrock RPM Performer Aluminum Heads
Mini after market Starter
Marine style Ford Bell Housing
Ford Bell Housing spacer
Harmonic Balancer (original Ford manufactured part)
Mallory Distributor and Coil (with electronic points installed)
Timing Gear and Chain
Fuel pump (polished)
Pistons (Diamond brand)
Connecting Rods (Diamond brand)
Front and rear mounting plates (polished aluminum)
Ski Tow (chrome) Picture below: price $75
Exhaust logs and elbows Edelbrock M5 3 style (Polished)
Joe Hunt Magneto (Not pictured on the web site: price $75)


I have priced each item with the intention of selling it however if items do not sell in a reasonable time I will bring my asking price down until they do sell.

Click on the following website for images of most parts and pricing:

Ron Minegar AKA "Speedboat Racer"
Boise Idaho
[email protected]
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