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Sell or trade. Everything high end with references.

Over 10,000 dollars of parts, labor & Machine work has been done to this touque monster. The block is an early casting (cam journal dead center) with a high nickle and tin content according to casting #'s. The 427 tall deck 4 bolt main block was ground for clearance for the Eagle 4340 nitrated 1/2 in. lightened stroked crank & h-beam rods. Mains and Heads Studed. All oil passages were opened up. Decked to 0.0 clearance and 4 Billet 4-bolt main caps installed before line boring/honing.

The valley is screened and painted. The thrust cap opened up for maximun oil flow volume and runs a wet sump melling high volume oil pump. The whole block was de burred. Bored 0.30 and honed for sized chrome moly rings. Windage tray on the bottom and Rev Kit to protect the cam. The machine clearances for the crank and cyilnders are tighter than standard auto specs due to the low running temp that boat motors run. Not set up for mud suckers (V_Drive oil pan). The pistons are the same wrist pin location and h-beam rods are the same length as a 454. The best geometry for a long life long arm and high rpm motor. The longer stroke and taller deck allow for this. The pistons were all massaged and radiused to prevent hot spots as well as weak links in the rotating mass. The SRP forged piston crowns were Thermo Barrier Coated for protection against detonation/or a lean tune. Dry Lube coated skirts to prevent scoring on the cylinder walls. Evreything was internally balanced at Beans in El Cajon, Ca.

Black Powder Coated team G intake, portmatched. Reworked 1150 Dominator (Have jet pac 88-100's squirters, secondary cams & gaskets). Vertex Mag with new coil, Brass drive gear and full advance set up at 3,000 rpm, High Torque Starter True Roller Timing Chain (oiled thru modified valley plug). ARP Studs & Bolts (except S/S) Schneider Cam-306 split duration and around .750 lift w/ 1.7. rockers. Almost a diagnol torque curve between 3 and 8,500 rpm. Roller everything. Fluid Dampner, Stud Girdle. Comes with Scoop, pan & throttle linkage. Nicson Water Pump with new impeller. All external fasteners are S/S Allen. Headers not included.

The heads are Pro Topline's 335 oversized rectangle port that had 40 hrs porting, port matching and chamber work for maximum swirl & intake/exhaust flow. The heads were o-ringed if you want to go Blown and the piston/stroke/and cc of the chambers equal 13.3:1 compression and runs well on C-12. Titanium valves (16 @ $100 ea.) were installed Titanium Locks & Retainers with 500 ft/lbs springs-open. Basically , this motor was blueprinted to run at 8,500 rpm and get there quick and do it for an long time!

I'm sure I forgot something, but I hope you get the picture on this this. The only track time was 2 tuning runs at the Elsinore NJBA event in 07. Got rained out sunday. I relaxed the valve springs for storage (inside). Let me know if you have any questions.
For Sale (B/O), Trade or? Consider trade for a Big Twin Harley, truck or Motorhome of equal value. Too many mods to be modified to run in a car! Complete from Scoop to Oil pan, W/P, Dampner to Flex Plate. May seperate if the price is right, but would rather not. It's ready to drop in.
Remember-NEVER RACED AND EVERYTHINGS FRESH AND NEW!! Bring gaskets if you want to do a tear down will lift the pan & a head for $100.00. Have some receipts. Should Dyno around 800hp @ 8,000 rpm with torque curve ideal for a quarter mile . Should be able to handle a 250 shot of n2o easily and still get good life out of it.
Dennis Pierce


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