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Complete Jet Pump For Sale, This Is The Best Of The Best.

Price 5500.00

Jet Pump Components Race Prepared And Assembled By MPD

American Turbine Hi-Helix 9.5 Stainless Impeller *
American Turbine Extrude Honed Bowl With Stuffer*
American Turbine High Performance Bearing Kit *
American Turbine 17-4 Shaft *
Dominator Housing *
Stainless Wear Ring Pinned And I.D. Located/ Sized While In Housing *
(* 6 Runs Since New)
DPS Cavitation Reducer
Berkeley Intake Machined For Shoe/Rideplate
MPD Shoes (3) And Shims From .750 Up To 1.6875 Thick
MPD Braced Ride Plate
MPD Fabricated Miersch Pop-off Adapter And Brace
MPD Loaders (2)
HTP JetAway Pump Release
Miersch Pop-Off Valve
Place Hydraulic Diverter FTN With Adjustable Up/Down Stops
Place Nozzle Inserts (4)
Place Upper and Lower Nozzle Braces
Place Rooster Booster
Setup For Calgo Steering
Banderlog Diverter Relay
HTP Prime A Jet

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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