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I am selling my complete radar add-on package for any Northstar 6000i, 6100i, or 958 system. Included is one RB717A 6kw Open Array Antenna w/ 4' Antenna, an MDS-3 Radar Interface/Power Supply Box, an I/O Cable that connects the navigator to the MDS-3, a power cord for the MDS-3, & a 10m Radar Interconnect Cable. I've even gone so far as to solder/heat shrink all of the Navigator I/O cable connections to ease installation. All tests were performed on an 8" 6000i which is not included. All equipment is in great used condition. Please note: The radar array was painted while installed on the boat it was on. I presume this is because the antenna had yellowed, which is common with these units. No logo was ever added to it so I added a Northstar logo to it. The paint job is excellent, not perfect, but unless you're up on your hardtop with a magnifying glass, it will look great.

The pedestal has some paint bubble/flake on the bottom around the bolt holes - completely normal on any used radar pedestal and doesn't affect performance at all - I showed the worst of it close up.

The MDS-3 and radar were removed from non-commercial boats being refit with new electronics and don't have high hours.

There are 2 wires, a blue and a green, that act as a on/off switch for the MDS-3. When the MDS-3 has power, and when these wires are connected, the MDS-3 is on, when disconnected, the MDS-3 is off. I recommend installing an SPST rocker or toggle switch in a convenient location to turn the MDS-3 on and off so that you're not needlessly putting hours on the magnetron when the radar is not in

I'm asking for a $1150 shipped. I will accept a PayPal payment.use.You could PM or email me for some photos.

Thanks for looking.
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