New IMCO SS tank, still wrapped in plastic, 10" diameter, 30" long, 4 returns, 1" supply plus a drain, including mounts. Mounts are new but look like they got something splashed on them and slightly discolored in spots. $450.
Cast Aluminum Scoop for 4150s 9.5" centers with some adjustability on centerline spacing. $150
AC Delco Alternator, with mounting brackets, belt and pulley. I tested and ran it, works fine. Must have switched 12v to excite the field (not 1 wire). Worked with headers but not enough clearance on my engine with cast logs $150.
Gears, 10* 15s Prefer to trade one set for 32s. Otherwise $275
MSD 8" crank trigger wheel BBC/SBC $75

Contact David 925 5nine5-4two44..