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future tinny boat i'll have in future as you knew thiswas really my first ever small boat im using for fishing
as i knew my home waters well thiswas really the perfect place to use these boats thiswas really my 1st ever tinny boat im getting in future as far i knew thiswas really getting closer now as im saved the money for the boat in future with the right outboard o the back in future as you knew thiswas really be alot smarter for me as im on a pension now i have toget a boat thats was dirt cheap to run and care for too thiswas really the case for me as an Old salty i have to watch my money really carefully these days thiswas why im getting a tinnie boat to save some money on really was the important runnning costs of smaller outboards motstly the 4 stroke outboard im getting was the Suzuki 25hp 4 Stroke outboard in the 25hp outboards thiswas my reason was asking for any good advice on this in future as needed hope you lot can help me get this facts right as im a newbie to tinny boats in future and needed was learn more as needed thiswas really a very important matter for me now and in future thiswas really the case in future as i have to learnreally fast on these newer outboards as you see thiswas really a first ever big step for me now in future thiswas the case for me nowas i send a pic of the boat im getting in future now
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