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Cleaning out the garage, any questions give me a call.

George Poynter
Parts for salecurrent market price My priceAmount of stock
Accel coil 12V 45000 v out put Jeg price 69.1515.00 used3 items
Holley Fuel Reg.Jeg price 29.9910.00 used
SX fuel regulator120.00 to 150.0040.00 used
Clutch disc. Hayes 11, 40-221Jegs price115.9965.00 new
Delco GM radio & harness kitebay 145.0075.00 new
Champion BL-60 plugsebay 6.502.00 new35 items
Fluidampr 8" ext. bal. 1.25 i.d. holeJegs 429.0060.00 used
Chev. BB oval port heads 386781 175.00 ebay165.00 used "a pair"
Chev. 11" diaphragm clutch Jegs 304.0050.00 used in good shape2 items
Chev.10.5 finger clutchJegs 300.00 plus50.00 used in good shape
Edelbrock BB Chev. Boat exh.ebay 199.00120.00 used in good shape2 pairs
Chev. BB rods resized, good bolts 3/8ebay. 360.00 150.00 set of 8
Chev. BB rods dimple 7/16 boltsebay 700.00200.00 set of 8
Autometer Tach for a mag. Ign.Jegs 60.0020.00 used
Chev BB 1.88" exh. Valves 3946077#10.00 ea. new7 items
Chev. BB main bearing set (Michigan)50.00 new
Chev. BB main bearing set (Clevite) Jegs 50.0035.00 new
Chev BB rod bearing set (Childs/Albert)35.00 new
Chev BB rod bearings .010 (Clevite)Jegs 50.0030.00 used in set-up
Chev SB ARP hd, bolt kit 134-3601Jegs 80.9965.00 new
Chev SB 2bolt main stud kit 134-5401Jegs 58.9948.00 new
MSD spark timing control 8980#Jegs 209.9950.00 used
MSD rpm activated switch 8950#Jegs 91.9940.00 used
MSD 3-step module selector 8737#Jegs 79.9930.00 used
MSD noise capacitor20.00 new
MSD rev limiter Jegs 119.9935.00 used
Mr. Gasket 2 carb linkageJegs 29.9915.00 new
Auto-meter water temp gageJegs 35.0015.00 used
Amp gage 0-60 in both dir.Jegs. 35.0015.00 used
Auto -meter fuel pres. Gage 0-15Jegs 35.0015.00 used
VDO boost gage 0-15Jegs 35.0015.00 used
Auto-meter boost/vac gage 0-20 0-3020.00 used
MSD tach. Adapter 8920#Jegs 59.9925.00 new
S-W pressure gage 0-1010.00 used
CamDyn P/R lifter & nut holder10.00 used
Forged power adder pistons BB Chev 4.5 bore, 4.0 strokeJegs 802.00300.00 new set of 8
Oberg tattle-tale oil filteronline 300.0075.00 new
Blower pulleys 34# 5.5 dia X 3 wide25.00 used2 items
Amer. Mag whls/Chev 15X11 4" B/SJegs 300.00 ea.200.00 for the pair
Simpson chute jac. (boat racing)boat forum 275.00 used150.00 used
Chev BB cast alum marine valve covers25.00 used (pair)2 items
Chev BB tall chrome valve covers with extra breathers attached35.00 used (pair)
Chev W-Block 348 3X2 intake175.00 used
Chev W-block 4-barrel intake50.00 used
Chev BB Edelbrock UR2X dual quad polished intake, sq. port 150.00 usedcarbs available
Chev BB Edelbrock torker 2-0 angle top intake, 4-barrel oval port ebay 75.0060.00 used
Chev BB Weiand team G intake for dominator, sq. portebay 250.00150.00 used
Mallory volt master coil 12V15.00 used
Mallory unilite dist. With cap and taylor pro 8 mm. wire for Chev V8100.00 used
Accel dist. (bare) for Chev V820.00 used
Engle hyd. Cam for Chev BB HL 25-26 in.-541" 286 degree exh. 559" 292 degree 110 lobe centers 75.00 usedgood street power adder cam
Crane cam rev kit for BB Chev.40.00 used
Chev HEI dist-cap with MSD wires45.00 like new
Chev. BB 6262976 piston/pin 30.00 new in box (GM part)
Chev BB billet timing chain cover ( comp style) top open for external drive40.00 used
Carb adaptor 4500 to 4150 and visa/versa, tallJegs 127.5140.00 used
Trans cooler 4"X12" Jegs 84.99 similar to 60353#25.00 used
Chev BB intake thick adaptor plates for tall deck with std. intake, sq. portJegs 173.9965.00 used
Door slammer window netting5.00 used
Air conditioning condenserOld Air 170.00100.00 new
Dominator 1.250 alum. Spacer35.00 used2 items
4150 Carb spacer, 1.0"25.00 used (each)2 items
Dominator carb spacer .5"20.00 used (each)3 items
Engine block water heaterJegs 27.9915.00 new
Autometer fuel gage isolator15.00 used
AC radiator caps5.00 used5 items
Chev BB tall deck comp. pushrods, for mech. Roller camComp. Products 130.00 a set of intake and exh.50.00 used ea. Set2 items
Chevy BB Fed. Mogul 141m main bearings Jegs.91.99 70.00 new
Chevy BB cam bearings (Perfect Circle)Jegs 24.99 (a set)18.00 new2 items
Chevy BB rod bearings Clevite cb-743HJegs 13.97 ea.10.00 new6 items
Chevy BB rod bearings Clevite cb-743HX .0005 thinner wall bearing for extra clearanceJegs 14.97 ea.12.00 new2 items
Chevy BB piston spiral locks (16)10.00 new
Chevy Melling screw in oil pump pick-upJegs 32.0025.00 new
Moroso solid Chevy V8 motor mountsJegs 76.99 55.00 new
Moroso Valve cover breather bafflesJegs 5.994.00 new
GM BB rod bearing set (not wrapped) but new65.00 new
Chevy BB screw in R/A studs1.50 ea. Used32 items
Chevy BB main cap bolts1.50 ea. used32 items
Chevy BB oil pumpJegs 46.9935.00 new
AC spark plugs 45XLS ebay 5.00 ea.3.00 ea.new16 items
9-20 large truck tubes, may have been used on slicks5.00 ea. used4 items
1960's era Rochester Carb. Apart10.00 used
Early 60-70's GM alternator20.00 used
Carb air filters 5"dia. Low profile (a pr.)20.00 pr. Used
3" billet exh pipe hangers8.00 ea. New2 items
Moroso "correct a cap" for a GM dist., wires plug in from the side25.00 new
UDI foam filter 2.750 I.D.20.00 new
Chevy LT-1 coil covers for a Corvette10.00 ea. Used
Large alum. Parts and tool holding tray to set on carbs when working on the motor10.00 used
Chevy BB cam/crank gears and chain, may have been used on engine set-up, timing adjustable25.00 used
Chevy BB 7/16 pushrods LS-650.00 a set (16) used
Complete Boat hardware to out-fit a bare hull flatbottom boat, this is motor mounts, cavitation plate, v-drive, rudder/fins, every steering, exh. Manifolds, shafts and nuts and bolts. Everything needed1100.00 used
Webber carb stacks, 52 mm. bottom 7" tall10.00 ea. used8 items
Webber carb stacks 52 mm. bottom 2.250" tall10.00 ea. used8 items
Chevy BB stock 5/16 pushrod set16.00 set used
Crane BB Chev cam button spacerJegs 16.0012.00 new
Chevy BB stamped steel rocker arms with lock nutsJegs 63.9735.00 used3 sets of 16
Very rare Carter AFB 1.69" primary/secondary with a 5" dia top, used on the single carb. 409300.00 used
Kinsler Fuel injection short the manifold and butterflys, flowed for 500 BB, braided lines, extra jets, 3 pumps (2extra at a cost of over $500.00 ea.), vari-jet, lots of redundent parts1000.00 used for everything
Hallcraft Deck mount Tach housing, cast aluminum, a collectors piece not seen for 40 yrs.50.00 used
Moroso alternator pulley, 5" dia.Jegs 33.9715.00 used
K & N air cleaner top and bottom, 5" carb fit.10.00 ea. used2 items
Chevy BB Alum. Roller Rockers 1.7 ratio , fits under stock valve covers with 2 gasketsprice range 175/300 $125.00 new (complete set)
Chevy BB Alum Roller Rockers 1.7 ratio, fits under stock valve covers with 2 gaskets100.00 used for start up.
Mid- year Corvette ring & pinion 4:56100.00 used
Holley 850 cfm vac. Secondaries marine carb, 80180ebay 399.99200.00 used2 items
Holley 730-770 cfm vac. Secondaries used in tunnel ram applications andwill pass on some 60's restorations, hard to find.200.00 used2 items
Chevy BB Clevite 77 main bearings .001 under for more oil clearanceJegs 105.9980.00 new
Chevy BB Clevite 77 main bearings .002 under for more oil clearanceJegs 105.9980.00 new
ARP BB main stud kit 235-5502Jegs 93.9975.00 new
ARP BB iron head bolt kit 135-3601Jegs 80.9965.00 new
Milodon SB head bolt kit 8000Jegs 68.9750.00 new
ARP Rocker studs Chev & Pontiac 135-7101Jegs 46.5935.00 new
Chevy BB Cloyes timing chain and gear set, advance and retartableJegs 29.9725.00 new
Chevy BB long main bolts for baffle attachment8.00 ea.used8 items
Corvette 8" ralley wheels set of 4, 1969 to 1982ebay 300.00 to 900.00250.00 (set of 4) used
Corvette wheels and tires, 1984 set of 4, good shape, tires have a lot of miles left.200.00 (set of 4) used
Chevy BB roller cam mechancal 695/720 liftJegs 300.0065.00 used
Chevy BB valves std GM 1.88" exh. and 2.19 int.10.00 new8 of each.
Chevy solid lifters, Crane 992506Jegs 118.4095.00 new
Chevy BB push rods 3/8 swedged, but short one of each for a complete setJegs 116.9965.00 used

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I got the jacket today,it is just as you said and in better condition than the pictures showed........Thanks

Fellows I took the chance and bought from a guy with 2 posts. It paid off,he sent it out when he said,it was better than I expected,and he was polite and helpful.I will be buying more off his list........Dragon

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What about the ARP BB iron head bolt kit 135-3601?
Is the Mr. Gasket 2 carb linkage for Holley side mount?
Can you send me pictures? I think I want them both.
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