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Hi everyone.

Just thought I'd join up to the forum as I have a new project boat. It had a 2 bolt 454 which was beyond repair so I am currently building a 4 bolt 502 as a replacement. Engine build is going well.

The boat, from what I can find is an early Glastron Carlson and has been very well looked after. It was in a shed for 19 years not used!!19-20ft with high sides on a tandem trailer. The hull is very well built.

To the jet. It has a yj Jacuzzi golden eagle on the back. I have pulled it down to replace all the seals and shaft bearings and found a good little tip that I wanted to share. Reading up on the forums it seems to be a very common problem removing the bowls!

So what I did (all bolts removed) was found some 3-4mm aluminium flat 'bar' and started out wedging the bowl at 12 o'clock 3, 6, 9 and in between etc evenly. You can bash the flat bar on a hard surface so it is tappered (thinner on one end) if the gap is a bit small to fit initially . Use a hammer only on the aluminium flat bar ends to insert it in the gap (dont hit the housing with the hammer as tempting as it sounds). just stop as or before it touches the wear plate. As the bowl separates just keep adding/stacking another section of flat bar to each existing one. It is time consuming but it works. I ended up using 7 bits at each interval to remove it. This didn't damage either surface as the flat bar is a lot softer than the suction housing and the bowl itself.

I will be looking at Toms xlerator package once I have done some testing with the current set up ( the current stainless impeller is immaculate and razor sharp which I found out the hard way. Lots of blood!)

Any ideas on how to find out what cut the current impellor is?

Anyway. Lots of awesome info on here. Any thoughts or ideas re my boat please shout out. I know... it is a money pit! But I love it ?
Cheers. Phil.
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