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get rid of my ballast resistor

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Ok i have ballast resistor set up on my 460 this will be my 3rd resistor in a yr. Im running a pertronix flame thrower billet distributor d132800 and a accell super coil 140001 what kind of coil can i buy to where i wont need the ballast resistor anymore.
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There is a major misconception that the ballast resistor is to protect the coil. Its is to prolong the life of the points that would fry in minutes if run on 12v.

The Flamethrower ignition does not ned a ballast resistor. If your coil frys because you take it out, you needed a different coil anyway. The coil only needs at least a .65 ohm rating to work with the Flamethrower without a ballast resistor. The 140001 Accel has a .7 rating.

I take it you bought the dizzy used, or it was in the boat when you bought it(which I am pretty sure is the case). Because it CLEARLY states on the second page under "wiring" in the instructions, #1. that they RECOMMEND removal of any ballast resistors or wires.
LINK: Petronix for dummies

Hey im still a rookie lol. No when i first boight boat it had a motorcraft distributor (points) upgraded to the pertronix dizzy new i know it said recommend but it did not say you cant use it either so i usex it cause that was all i knew at the time so im going to just return resistor and wire it without it. so with that resistor on there with my ddizzy was i hurting anything with it ran like that it was on there for about 4 mo.
I believe theEXACT words are TOO ACHIEVE OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE we recommend removal.
The only thing you hurt by leaving the ballast resistor in was your wallet everytime you bought a new one, and the spark potential you lost by not giving it the optimum power it can use.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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