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Got a new day cruiser

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UPDATE: I have added a PDF that I am tracking all costs of this project. I will update it periodically. I am documenting all costs other than gas. If I bought a tool specifically for this project it is included. if you are interested you can download it here.

25' 76 Sleek Craft Ambassador. It needs a lot of work but it will be pimp when it is done. It still has the faux fur and fridge in the cabin. I think the wood grain and white part of the gel will clean up pretty well.

The good
* Floor is solid
* YJ pump has already been converted
* Hydraulic diverter
* All original and everything is there.
* Got it for a song

The Bad
* It is freakin filthy
* Interior is completely shot
* flake part of the gel is pretty faded

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I'm pretty sure the pump is in good shape. It turns freely by hand and is nice and quiet and smooth. There is about 50' of ski rope I need to cut out of it. It'll take bar stools to see over that tall ass dash. :)sphss

I did make a little more progress today. I believe I got all the wiring gremlins straightened out. Basically all I had to do is rip out all the additions to the original wiring and then re-terminate about 7 wires from the original harness. All the electrical seems to be working correctly now with the exception of the blower. I didn't finish testing that circuit but I'm betting it needs a new blower motor. Even the hydraulic diverter works correctly after I added a little bit of fluid. I also got all the water lines replaced.

I still need to change the oil, wire the trailer and replace the fuel lines. Then it is off to the lake for the first float test. I don't think I will make it tomorrow, my regular job will be getting in the way but, It should be no problem to finish these last few things before Sunday. I had hoped to get more done today but it started raining. Man do we need the rain down here so I'm not complaining.
when i got my old project a couple years ago, turn the blower on, and you could hear that old motor run and run. nothing else worked except the engine. then, some months later, i was re routing wire, re -wiring a lot of the transom, so decided to remove it just to get it out of the way while i cleaned things up.
the funny thing was, while that motor was spinning, it wasn't moving any air because the metal fan had completely eroded away (blower won't blow much with no fan)... looked all over around here, couldn't find a replacement, everybody says those old things were terrible. ended up replacing it with a plastic deal i picked up down at westmarine that's quieter, but it sure moves a lot of air.

also, great you got the engine running! but be careful running it without water; those exhaust hoses can get really hot really fast, and then fail at an inoportune time.
I had an issue with fuel pressure dropping off to 0 after about 15 minutes of run time on plane. I believe I have found the issue. It is the water separator. I pulled the fuel line off at the tank selection valve. I pulled the other end off the fuel pump. I then blew from the valve to the pump through the separator. I could blow through it but I could tell there was some restriction. I then bypassed the separator and installed just a regular inline filter. With my calibrated lung I could tell it was much easier to blow through. Just to double check I put a short piece of fuel line on the separator and blew through it with no other devices or line hooked up. This time by the degree of light headedness I got, I could tell it is certainly restrictive. Still need to lake test it but I am pretty sure this is the issue.
i'd pull the filter housing out, trash the old filter, thoroughly clean the internal passages in the housing, get a new filter, then reinstall it making sure the in/out is routed correctly. those fuel/water filter/seperators do a great job, but they do need to be changed out sometimes. you'd be surprised how much water can be sucked into tank vents.
The filter was brand new.
maybe it's telling you something???? :)

i've run one of those, or similar to it, for decades, and never had a problem like you're describing. if it's getting clogged up too quickly, or water saturated too quickly, might be a good idea to keep changing them until the tanks are nice and clean.
i once had one with a water drain on the bottom. had to drain it too often, until i moved the tank vents so they weren't getting sprayed all the time.
You running an electric or mechanical pump? If mechanical, is it stock or performance? I hear what you are saying. I just hate to jack with it since it is working great with just a regular in line filter. The tanks are vented through the cap. This thing has so much freeboard it would take a monsoon to get water in through the vented cap.
all mechanical on the lake boats. one of 'em had a drain on the bottom of the filter to remove water build up.
it's just very very odd that this filter would create such an obstruction that you'd lose fuel pressure, unless the filter has done it's job really well. it would be intesting to see how well a brand new one with no run time would measure up with your calibrated lungs. :D
imo, these are much more effective than inlines, but that's just me...
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