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Got a new day cruiser

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UPDATE: I have added a PDF that I am tracking all costs of this project. I will update it periodically. I am documenting all costs other than gas. If I bought a tool specifically for this project it is included. if you are interested you can download it here.

25' 76 Sleek Craft Ambassador. It needs a lot of work but it will be pimp when it is done. It still has the faux fur and fridge in the cabin. I think the wood grain and white part of the gel will clean up pretty well.

The good
* Floor is solid
* YJ pump has already been converted
* Hydraulic diverter
* All original and everything is there.
* Got it for a song

The Bad
* It is freakin filthy
* Interior is completely shot
* flake part of the gel is pretty faded

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My 82 Ambassador measures 25.6 .. Here it is at Powell spring of this year... good luck with your resto...


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25.6 is measuring from the farthest point on the stern to the longest point on the bow..... It measures 10 foot from the longest point in the stern to the dash, and 15.5 from the dash to the top of the bow..
How are you going to mount the captians seats?
Bump.. for a great looking interior... love the colors!
1 - 4 of 154 Posts
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