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Please check out this website, This is a new company that is marketing a gps unit for your boat that will not only track the boat it will call your cell phone if your bilge pump goes on or a highwater alarm. Also if the boat goes out of a radius from where it is parked. The system is $349.00 plus install which will be about 1 to 3 hours depending on how many relays have to be installled. It also has an ignition cutoff. Call me for further information. I am working with GT Performance Gary Teaque in Upland Calif to set him up as the los angeles installer. Call me for more info, we can maybe do a performance boats discount for a volume. 909-816-1101. My email is [email protected]. This is something that you should talk to your insurance agent about to see if your carrier will give you a discount on your theft insurance. Look on the website for the monthly fee depending on usage

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I have one that will do all the same things as above.

$220 delivered, you install. Simple to do if you can do basic wiring. The unit has 1 input and 1 output, relays can be used to control whatever you want. Make the horn honk so your kids know it is time to come home.

Receive notification when your battery is getting low.

Put it on your Rhino so you can find it when if it gets stolen.

If the unit is disconnected it will send you a txt and email with the address of where it was disconnected.

Unfortunatly I am unable to offer installs at the current time. I am in Utah for awhile. Accept Paypal, checks, and always cash.

First picture is my boat at the Islander Resort on the Trailer.

Second one is lake Mead. I checked it from my phone while I was camping in a cove.

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