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Up for sale is my gmc work truck, it has a ton of new parts on it, everything works on it, no fluid leaks, body is straight, paint just looks like shit, it's a 96 1500, 5.7 with automatic transmission. 191xxx on the clock, Drive it anywhere, call or text me for more pics and info. 4000 obo, in orange county

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GMT 400 style

Can't go wrong with this style truck.. looks like a deal to me.. The 96 and up are preferred ones with the Vortec roller motors.. older TBI stuff is not as good..

These extended cab, short bed trucks are fun to play with.. parts are everywhere and cheap as dirt to buy.
Here is one with about a grand worth of Craigslist parts added to it along with some custom built bumpers I fabbed up.. this one started out as a SLT 1500 2wd w/ 5.7 and a 4L60/3.55 rear..

Bought a used Dually 14 bolt 4.10 full floater with springs and shocks.. bolted right in.. pulled from a totaled 98 crew cab long bed truck for 200.00
1995 1 ton front suspension swapped out, only thing different was the upper control arms, used those.. and some beefier coil springs along with HD shocks that came with it.. lower control arms are all the same, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton..
Guy cut it off at the firewall with a hot saw and delivered to me on a flatbed for 200.00
Short bed off a 98-00 crew cab dually.. bought out of Canada for 300.00 (took a bit of searching for this)
New bumpers and spare tire mount/receiver w/tow hooks.. have about 300.00 invested in them.
Spent 150.00 for a set of used 8 lug wheels.. painted them with rustoleum hammered gray to match the bumpers.

Sold the original bed, stock bumpers, wheels/tires and rear end for 600.00 to help recover some of the costs..

She drives more like a truck now, can haul a bunch more weight, but has the turning radius of the short wheelbase, unlike the crew cab long bed brothers..

finished front angle.jpg

Rear bumper is an air tank used to fix a flat and fill the airbags when the 2012 Adventurer 8'6" Short bed camper is on.. 2650 lbs dry.

94 Rear Bumper.jpg

Camper on and ready to go..

ALP 2.jpg

And she don't mind being abused a bit.. :wink2: yep.. full cord of unseasoned fir in a 6 1/2 ft bed.. guessing at least 3500lbs.. if not more.

a load of wood.jpg

Basically bought it in the same shape as Blue Bahners rig 5 yrs ago.. with 121K miles on it, had to give 5K for it.. SLT model w/tan leather interior..
189K on her now and going strong.. Damn I love this old 1994 shitbox!!:wink2:

Tows the little lake Hotrod as well..

Snohomish River boat launch.jpg
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