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I want to relay a great service experience. I needed 6 gallons of Merc Premiun Plus outboard oil. After searching the web I landed at They had a price of $25 per gallon and $30 total shipping. I ordered the 6 gallons and about 2 days later it arrived. One of the boxes had a stain on it that looked like the oil had leaked slightly. I opened the two boxes and discovered that they had shipped DFI oil by mistake. I sent an email to Dave at Domo explaining the problem. The next day I received a response with an apology and two UPS prepaid labels for return. Dave said he would ship out the correct oil the next day. I re boxed the oil only this time ,I put the gallon jugs in compactor bags. I took them to the UPS store, dropped them off and thought I was done. The UPS store called me later that day and told me that UPS wouldn't ship the box with the stain on it. I told them I would come back the next day and re box it for shipment.
I sent Dave a note explaining that one box would be late returning and it may cost me a few bucks to re box. I just received a note from Dave saying not to worry about returning the three gallons that leaked, do not spend any money re boxing and please keep and use the 3 gallons.
Talk about great customer service. These guys just earned my business for life. You just don't see this kind of customer service anymore.
Thanks much Dave and Domo oil!!!
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