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Harrison Lake Poker Run

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The Harrison Lake Poker Run will be held on the weekend of August 6-7-8 this year and the theme will be 7.
yep, that simple.....7
With the theme of SEVEN this year, we are strategically planning all of our prizes to end in seven!
We will also be drawing for $77 cash prizes throughout the Saturday Banquet, and the top five poker hands will have a minimum of the following prizes:

1st place = $1777 cash, plus $777 in prizes
2nd place = $977 cash, plus $577 in prizes
3rd place = $777 cash, plus $277 in prizes
4th place = $477 cash, plus $177 in prizes
5th place = $277 cash, plus $77 in prizes

Of course we will still have all of our fun theme prizes awarded at the Lunch Stop and the Saturday Evening Banquet. Live music at all the venues, Helicopter ride raffle, fantastic food and Banquet raffle for a special high-valued prize. All you expect from the Harrison Lake Poker Run!
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