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1979 caribbean

I have a 1979 Caribbean exactly like this. My Uncle had it up in Madesto. He passed in 2010 and i hauled it back to Ohio.

Hello all,
I'm taking to the Open Water forum here to see if anybody has seen this boat. It's a 1979 26' Caribbean daycruiser. The reg# is AZ 8635T. Here's the cliff note story... my folks bought this boat new at the LA Boat show back in 1979. I grew up on this boat and have the best memories on it. They sold it in 1993 when I was 22 years old and in college, and it was in excellent condition. Now I'm 42 years old with a wife and two small boys and I'm trying to see if I can track it down. The people we sold it to took it up to Big Bear and that's all I know. Yes, I fully realize this was a LONG time ago. The same people could have it, or maybe it's changed hands 10 more times, I have no idea. But what I do know is that the group on this Forum are very plugged in to what's circulating out there. I've been watching Craigslist and Boat Trader for literally 3 years what to see if I'd find the boat and no dice.

My wife calls this boat my unicorn, I guess she's right. Utopia would be to find this specific boat, but I'm still open to any 1979 or 1980 26' Caribbean like this. I prefer the 350 motor and merc drive, but I wouldn't pass up a Volvo either. I'm happy to do some restoration, but I want one that's as close to original as possible. You can't believe some of the stuff I've seen people doing to these classics. It's shameful. But that's another story. Feel free to PM me or respond here. Thanks guys!

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