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Havasu locals ---need help

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Who would you recommend for outdrive repair. My friend has a 575 w/ an xr drive and an IMCO stand off box. He lost forward but has reverse and nuetral. there is no binding in the cable. We think it may be the upper cone clutch. Looking to repair ASAP to salvage the rest of our vacation.
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Call Chris at Prestige, 928-680-3344 See if he can squeeze you in. They are outstanding!
haven't broke one yet, but WHEN I do I would go to Aaron at absolute marine or savage.
Savage Marine
Take it to someone who just does drives.Max Machine Worx in Havasu is by far one of the best on the westcoast.I just blew my lower two weeks ago.270 hours on a stock XR with 700hp.I had them upgrade the drive.Aaron and Jason are very good at what they do.Here's a link.Ask around,They have a good rep.
Someone had a similar problem last year and Max Machine WORX pulled it off, put on a SPARE that they had laying around and let them use it while they repaired the original drive. Swapped it back on once vacation was done and away they went.

Kinda sounds like what you're looking for.
MaxMachine Period. That's what they do.
Max Machine Worx :)devil
Max Machine all the way. Great service and great guys to work with.
Thanks for the input...looks like Max Machine will be getting a call this am
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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